For overseas travelers, Bass fishing guide service in Japan(Lake Biwa).

Are you thinking about coming to bass fish in Japan? Perhaps at world famous Lake Biwa?

Lake Biwa and the surrounding area is chock full of amazing things to do. From chasing the world record class fish that swim in Lake Biwa to visiting the surrounding local tackle shops full of the latest cutting edge JDM tackle and not to mention the world renown tourist destination of Kyoto only 30 minutes away. 

CONNECT guide services can help you not only experience the beautiful scenery and thrill of fishing at Lake Biwa but assist you in having a great time in Kyoto and Japan.

In particular, the northern part of Lake Biwa (our primary fishing area) allows you to experience breath taking scenery year round while also having a legitimate shot at a trophy 10lb fish from January to December.

Fishing plan and notice

Half Day Trip (4 Hours)

One Person 45,000 Yen
Two People 55,000 Yen
Three People 65,000 Yen

Full day Trip (8 Hours)

・One person→ Price 55,000yen
・Two people→ Price 65,000yen

・Three people→ Price 75,000yen

Usage of our fishing equipment and life vests are free and included.
Please let us know in advance if you have any special requests/acommodations.

The price listed above does not include acommodations and meals.

Although I am not fluent in English, I do possess basic English proficency and can
also use a translation app as well if necessary.

If necessary a translator can also be hired at an additional cost.

A fishing license is not required to bass fish at Lake Biwa.

Please contact us by email.
Our email address is

You can pay by credit card or cash. (Brand:VISA、Master Card、JCB、American Express)

Please check the available dates on the Google Calendar above and proceed to make a reservation.
If you have any questions in advance, please feel free to email us.

Characteristics or Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa is world famous and the largest lake in Japan. Lake Biwa is also the place where the world record tying bass was caught weighing 22lbs 4oz (10.12kg) caught in July 2009.

Biwa is a very popular lake among anglers because at any given time on any given cast, the potential to catch a giant world class size largemouth bass is always there.

The average size of largemouth in Lake Biwa is 4 to 5lbs but fish over 10lbs are prevalent especially in the spring and winter.

Lake Biwa is close to Kyoto so many guests not only come for the fishing but also to take in all the sights Kyoto has to offer. Connect guide services also provides transportation to and from the lake as well as visits to tackle stores at no additional cost.

While fishing with us at Connect Guide Services, you can learn about and use the latest cutting edge Japanese fishing techniques. From finesse fishing to swimbaits you can learn about how Japanese anglers utilize these techniques.

This is all done while also ultilizing state of the art fish finders and electronics. Detailed equipment information is provided
In a separate section.

The best seasons at Lake Biwa

Recommended seasons for fishing at Lake Biwa are May to July and October to November.

During these seasons, the weather tends to be very good and the fishing tends to be very good.

August in particular is the hottest month of the year with temperatures commonly exceeding 30 degrees celsius (86 degrees fahrenheit).

There are countless sightseeing spots around the lake where you can enjoy things such as shrines, temples, beautiful mountains and other scenic nature spots.

Japan is well known to tourists around the world for things such as cherry blossoms and the beautiful fall foliage. The first half of April is the best time to see the cherry blossoms and the second half of November is the best time to see the leaves change colors. These are also very popular times for tourists to visit Kyoto as well as good times to fish Lake Biwa.

Boat equipment


1、GPS MAP1222xsv、LVS34、Livescope Rotator
2、Humminbird HELIX12 G4、Megaimaging360
3、Lowrance HDS Live7

4、Lowrance HDS16 Carbon

Typical itinerary

We will pick you up at your accommodation or said designated location at an agreed upon time. We then can stop by a convenience store and buy drinks and snacks on the way to the lake and marina where our boat is stored.

(If payment is to be made in person, payment must be before departing your acommodation in the morning)

For lunch, we will have lunch on the lake or stop by a restaurant on the lake.

Once fishing is completed, we can then visit various tackle shops around the lake and then take you back to your accommodation. Please let us know in advance if you would like to visit some tackle shops and if you are looking for any kind of tackle in particular.

If not interested then we can take you back directly to your acommodation once fishing is completed.